Panasonic GH5 has arrived.

The Panasonic Gh5 is here and it’s little brother – GH4 – is now priced even lower than before.  Both of these are wonderful video cameras and are worth a look.

Each person has their own set of things that they are looking for and this guy doesn’t appear to be any exception.  As with all the ‘other peoples’ videos I re-post remember to extract the information and don’t worry about the opinions so much.

How to focus when shooting your own video of…You

1 man shooting crew - how to

With the advancement in camera quality many people are beginning to shoot video of themselves for purposes of self promotion.  Great.  Go for it.  But when you do make sure to follow a few short rules to make sure the project comes off with as best quality as possible.  It’s not rocket science.  Here are a few tips to make sure you are on the right path.


Video is one of, if not THE, best ways to create buzz for your business or product.  Get noticed a bit quicker and with greater results.

I took a bit of a break from this website for a while as I was honing in on what my next business venture was going to be.  After searching and working my fanny off I have come right back to video with the added splash of a more targeted marketing plan for others to follow and grow with.  Check it all out as it comes to life at as my wonderful wife, Mary-Claire, and I bring you the awesomeness of photography and video for self and for business.

How to use ScreenFlow Video Production Software

My son and I are working together and learning together a neat and very reasonably priced software for creating videos.  ScreenFlow is a fine and quite simple product which will allow you to get up and running immediately with making those video edits you have wanted.

Many times we have video projects we wish to complete but upon opening our sophisticated software – we stare at the screen and wonder -‘where do I begin?’

Use Screenflow for your video projectWith ScreenFlow this process is seriously simplified and you will see first hand that young and old alike can navigate this software pretty easily.  The best part is that you will be able to edit and publish those video ideas you have had in your head for the last xx years.

So look very soon for our little helpful hints on how to get up and running with ScreenFlow.  They are coming very soon.

Rent Before Deciding On A Purchase

Some people worry over not having the funds to do a particular project.  So, they wait, wait wait until they can afford that special equipment.  Why?

Rent the darn stuff and see if it is listed as what it is cracked up to be.  Yes, it will cost a little bit of money.  But that is well worth spending when a few great things happen.  First off, you get the project DONE.  Secondly, you get to test out fairly well the equipment that you thought you so desperately needed but could not afford.

This is a great way to keep a concise idea of what new products should be on your ‘wish’ list without getting any buyers remorse.  Many, if not all, of us have had that.  It can be such a waste of money and a huge disappointment.

Give it a try on your next project.  Heck, you might even find that your project takes on a whole new perspective because you can experiment a little with some different types of equipment that you would not have other wise.

Check this place out:


Shooting Stable Handheld Video Footage

Wistia - by Meryl Ayres
by Meryl Ayres on September 8, 2014

We love to pass along great info as we come across it.  This article has some great ideas for those of us that don’t have or just didn’t bring all that equipment that gives the idea of major professionalism.

You don’t have to have all of the bells and whistles to get great footage and this article points that out and shows you how to get the video you want by using some common sense and wonderful ideas.

give them a try.

Simple way to prevent camera shake.

Great DIY project with great results.

Camera shake can make a spontaneous moment seem almost unwatchable if one has too much shake.  Below is a quick way to seriously reduce that camera shake while giving you major portability and extremely fast set up.

This video is one of those that after watching you may well say to yourself – “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  I am going to try this myself this weekend and will let you know my thoughts this coming week.  Give it a go and let me know what you think.


Thanks to Cobbler Videos for this great idea.

DIY video equipment ideas

Single Person Interview Tutorial

Interviews add credibility to your project. Film it properly

If you have had the need or desire to do an interview type video, where 1 person is being interviewed, and have wondered how you might pull that off  – this video is for you.

Interviews are a great way to offer information to your readers as they can see first hand what others are thinking, doing, acting upon and more about a given subject matter.  It is great to offer videos as it lends itself to a more personal touch and often videos are remembered better than the written word.

So to set up an interview requires, in this case, 3 characteristics:

  1. Framing
  2. Lighting
  3. Backdrop

This video from montgomerycollege is under 5 minutes and covers quickly some of the considerations which are great to know when shooting this type of video.  Many enthusiasts out there have a need to shoot a quality video while interviewing that one special person.  You will want to remember all the fine points covered in this video to make sure the finished product is as good as it should be.

Now, get yourself organized, find that one person who will help your project with authenticity and knowledge and go interview them.


Create your website with added animation – it’s pretty easy

Muse tutorial: Integrating Adobe Edge Animate graphics

Create a site (in this case Adobe Muse) and then spruce it up a bit with Adobe Edge Animate. The following video explores how this can be done and you can see the visual effect it has for your site.  I love and use both of these programs for different areas of some of my websites.  The ability to customize is limitless.  The programs are fun because they allow you total flexibility of layout and creative input.  Updating is simple and painless.

The video below will give you a brief idea of how Animate can be used on a site built in Muse.  However, Animate can be imported to any website build elsewhere as well.

Check out’s free offer.  The learning that can be done here is incredible.


Helpfull links:

Adobe Creative Cloud Membership Free Trial


Get your audio up and running with Adobe Audition

Use in the field or in post production - or both

I wanted to go over very quickly how you can use Adobe Audition for an on screen video.  These same principles will carry over to doing voice overs, podcasts (to an extent) or various other audio capture needs.  You need to capture your audio and if you do it with a few devices and nice software it will really make a difference for the better.

The video from is one of a series of videos which are quite good and I would recommend them as a learning tool for various subject matter.


Other great links:   Posts on Post Production    Posts on Audio Within Video


How to Make a Film on an iPhone

If you really want to make a video for your project or company and do not have access to other professional equipment and are looking at your phone thinking “Hey, why can’t I just use my phone?” then this video is for you.


This goes over the iPhone with attachments that will extend the capabilities of the iPhone for video.  It will also go over some quick iPhone apps that are used for video post production.  As I don’t suggest using these for major project it will do the job for one who does not have many of the bells and whistles at their home studio.

Here also are suggestions for tripods with use on a smartphone.  Some comparisons are included.  Clean sound is important and a little of this is covered within.  There are also ideas on how one can shoot with a jib, shooting in different conditions and video to SHOW you the end result.

Thanks to Bammo for the video.